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Dear Shelia,
I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for all the training you have given to me and my dog, Bugsy. Your particular method of training worked so well in bonding me with him and to get him to listen to my commands. Because I live on the third floor, you have trained him to not go down the stairs and only use the elevator. After two years, he still, will not go down the stairs in my building. Having to utilize a wheelchair for mobility, it has been a great relief to not worry about him running off and I can just open the door so he can go up and down the hallway which is outside and achieve some exercise. Plus, the neighbors all love him so very much.
Thank you too, for all the great ideas you have provided to make both our lives easier, like using Vienna sausages to take pills, the particular food you highly recommend, using a kennel with a sheet over it for sleeping, etc.. He truly loves his cave and feels very safe there.
Your loving approach has assisted me in handling an 80 lb. Old English Sheep dog from a wheelchair and I thank you so very much for going above and beyond in time spent with him. We both have grown very fond of you and we know, if any particular thing arises, I can call and count on you to help us with any other concerns.

With kindest regards,

Dear Dog Owner: 

My husband and I had been blocking off our 3 babies, two Chihuahuas and one Pomeranian, with child restraining gates so they could not roam around the house unsupervised.  We did this for 3 years.  Sheila walked in and within 15 minutes we no longer needed the gates.  WOW!!  I have never in my life experienced such a transformation.  All of our dogs are so happy and healthy and behaved because of Sheila. 
I have recommended Sheila to other friends and dog owners and they too were astounded by her capabilities.  Ms. Murray was also there for all of us when we had questions after she left.  She is always there for us and our dogs.  She is the real dog whisperer. 
Thank you for becoming a really good friend, Sheila, you are truly the best. 
Kellie and Scott Cameron
Santa Paula
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From: Barry Burns
To: Sheila A. Murray
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2008 12:59 PM
Subject: RE: Hero

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for the follow-up. You're so professional.

I have definitely noticed a difference in Hero's behavior.
Not only was he helped by your visit, but so was I.
I needed a bit of a "tune" up on how to handle him
and you modeling it for me reminded me of several
things I forgot.

I got a lead for him so he could stay outside in the
shade, but he doesn't seem to like to be out there
alone. He just barks and barks at the house looking
for me.


Dear Sheila,
Just a short note to thank you for coming to our rescue (mine ,Ted's and Bosco's), As you know we had serious issues with Bosco. From the moment (no lie) you walked in to our home, he was a changed dog. He no longer needs to be gated into the kitchen, and he comes (most of the time) when we call him. We just have to say the "C" word and Bosco responds, AMAZING!! It is a 100% turn around for Bosco. Changing his diet has helped with Bosco's biting and scratching, We can say, we are enjoying Bosco a lot more since you came to train us and HIM!
Kathy, Ted and Bosco
P.S. We refer to you as the SUPER DOG NANNY lol
Dear Sheila:
Thank you so much for helping us with our Standard Poodle, Gia.
You helped us prepare for her even before we brought her home.  You gave us nutritional, psychological, and comfort tips to aid us upon her arrival.
You have a unique communication skill with animals.  You seem to know what they are thinking, how they will behave in certain situations, as well as knowledge about the breed.  You are a dog whisperer.
You've been a loving, patient, and knowledgeable trainer.  You are always available, prompt, and reasonable. 
We continue to rely on you as Gia grows and goes through her various stages and needs.
You've become a good friend.  Thank you for helping us all learn and grow.
Rebecca and Michael
Ventura, California


Regarding Dog Training,

I recommend enthusiastically the services of Sheila Murray of “Sitting Pretty”. Before calling Ms. Murray, I had relied on my previous experience with owning a dog and on a number of dog-training books. However, neither my experience nor my reading had prepared me for an unruly German Shepherd puppy. After a good start, the puppy became overly aggressive and lost interest in obeying my commands. Ms. Murray came to my house and restored order immediately – and permanently. Yes, I had to follow-up on the techniques she taught me, but these were not difficult and required only a commitment to succeed. Ms. Murray’s empathic, “no-nonsense” approach laid a new foundation for my puppy’s behavior. And this is the secret of “Sitting Pretty” – a foundation that the dog and the owner use to build confidence and reliability toward unreserved obedience. Ms. Murray’s humane methods are based on simple leash-training without pinch-collars. The successful results are immediate and become permanent if the owner is willing to continue the training. Compared to the price and complexity of other training programs, “Sitting Pretty” achieves much more with much less. Ms. Murray demonstrates a wide knowledge and expertise with all of the dog breeds, their nutrition and behavior. I’m sure that my high satisfaction with Ms. Murray’s program is typical of her customers.


 Michael McKinney
 Ventura, CA

Dear Sheila:
Seems amazing that in the span of only one week (5 days!), Lucky has gone through such an amazing transformation.  He is the puppy we brought into our home.
We truly believe that 90% of the problem was that he didn't feel good and that he didn't feel well because he had the wrong diet!  His attitude is back to normal and he has more zip and zang than he has for about 6 weeks.  We are so thrilled to have met you.  We can't believe that we were considering putting him down. 
We are watching his gait and hips.  In the morning and early in the day, he seems fine.  At night when the damp air rolls in, he seems to be a little more gimpy.
The other part of course was attitude and behavior.  Now that we know how we're supposed to communicate with him he has quickly learned who is boss and what we mean. 
He is coming along with the sit exercise.  Last night, he did perfectly well until 14 minutes when my car drove up (he always runs down the stairs to say "hello").  When he heard the car, he looked at Zane, got up, and when Zane said, "sit", he went back down. 
The aggressive barking and aggressive mouth behavior is gone.  We know that we have to completely follow the rules to stay on top of this but we are just thrilled with his obedience.
Again, thank you for everything!  If you are ever in the neighborhood, call us and stop by.  We'd love to host you for a glass of wine, Sunday brunch, grilled burgers...
We are looking forward to our day in Ojai for the "graduation"!
Best to you,
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From: "Lantz Shapiro"
To: "Sheila A. Murray"
Sent: Friday, February 08, 2008 11:33 PM
Subject: Thank you!!!

Hi Sheila,
Thank you for being such a help and a blessing to us.  Being in the ministry, we can sense when other people do what they do as a ministry too.  I think your business is your ministry to help people and dogs and it is refreshing to meet somebody like that these days.

Take care,
Dear Sheila: 

Thank you for watching Elmo so nicely and patiently!  He behaved wonderfully during the trip.  I could never thank you enough for training him.  He became my pride.  He's obedient now.  the town here is very small and no pet store.  Boise is bigger and fun.  I'm sure I can find a good pet store where we can get good food for Elmo.  There are many dogs around the neighborhood and Elmo is the best! 

Take care!  Miss you!  Ojuki         (Elmo is a 3 year old Great Dane)
Dear Sheila,

Jason and I recently returned from our around the world adventure, and the length of that trip was largely due to you. 

You helped us train Bailey, and more importantly ourselves, when we first got Bailey nearly four years ago.  She was a nervous, co-dependent bundle of unruly energy when we first got her from her original family, and you helped us understand her and the basics of dog psychology so quickly and easily that she became a different dog in no time at all.  She showed herself to be a very smart and eager to please companion that just needed ground rules, some understanding and mutual respect. 

A couple of years later, accompanied by a move to Texas, and we brought our new canine companion into the mix.  Many of the techniques you showed us for Bailey easily helped us bring Malcolm into the family as well.

We then decided to take advantage of a once in a lifetime chance to take a trip around the world for six months, but that meant leaving Malcolm and Bailey with friends and family to care for them.  As you already know, their original caregivers weren't up to the task (taking care of someone elseʼs pets is no easy task!), but when you stepped in and gave my sister-in-law and brother-in-law the training they needed to understand and care for our dogs, you also gave us the ability to complete our dream journey rather than have to come home early to pick up our pooches.  Bailey and Malcolm behaved extremely well for their foster parents and you gave my in-laws the confidence to properly care for our dogs and maintain order in their household.  Upon returning, we practiced your techniques right away, and our pack order (with us as pack leaders) was quickly and seamlessly established again. 

My husband and I had a wonderful, memorable journey, and we thank you so much for sharing your gift to effectively communicate with our canine companions with us and our family.  Your human and canine clientele are lucky to have you!



Tracey Louis

P.S.  Incidentally, once we arrived back in the U.S. and picked Malcolm and Bailey up, we did a little site seeing on our way back to Texas.  Both dogs behaved well, so much so that we even received a number of compliments on how well behaved they were at the Grand Canyon (that it was "clear who the pack leaders were!").  Attached is a picture of them enjoying their walk at the rim of the Grand Canyon. 




Sheila A. Murray
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