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Several things you need to know as a new puppy owner:

Have 3 water dishes.  One inside and 2 outside.  Dehydration is extremely dangerous for our dogs and puppies.  I stress EXTREMELY dangerous.  And, this is much cheaper than vet bills that could occur from dehydration.

Some poisonous plants are: poinsettias, oleander, geranium, azaleas, most lilies.  They are toxic to your pets.  Keep water dishes away from falling flowers. 

Always provide shade for your pets. 
Housebreaking tips: 
This is a great time to get a puppy.  I do not recommend puppies from pet stores as a great many of them are sick and you will have extra vet bills to get them healthy again. 
Use one door 'only' for in/out of the house.  Habit is the best thing you can teach your little guy/gal.  Remember, they can't see very well. 
Your first job is to keep them SAFE.  Keep them away from swimming pools.  THEY CAN'T SEE VERY WELL at young ages. 
Good Nutrition:

There is only one dog food that I recommend today.  It is not part of the tainted re-call list.  This has NOT been resolved at the manufacturer level. 

I recommend:  Nature's Select      
It is great for ALL AGES and it is delivered to your door.   I am so excited about this food and I have hundreds of clients using it with terrific results.

To order:  (805) 430-8298  or  (831) 288-2446     email:


I do not sell this dog food; but, I highly recommend it.  I use it for my dog, also.




Sheila A. Murray
(805) 649-3140

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